Get To Know The Top Ten Beach Bars In Southwest Florida

The BeachHouse Restaurant

All outdoor and indoor activities take place at this restaurant. It is common for people to pack here for dinner, drinks, lunch and meetings for different occasions such as weddings. Most of it all, visitors are able to enjoy watching the sunset from this restaurant. For the last 20 years, this restaurant has been there serving different visitors. For the last 7 months, it has undergone renovations and large windows expansion to enhance viewing of the Gulf of Mexico. Lastly, one can enjoy their foods and drinks in the sandy beaches.

Gulf Drive Cafe

In Anna Maria Island, a local cafe that was mostly visited by locals began several years ago. As years went by, it developed to become a large bar with full menu that attracts many visitors presently. The centre of attraction to this cafe is large flat-screens, kokonut hut, and a well brought up air structure. Amazingly, it has outdoor tables that may take one closer to the water as well as enjoy watching games on large screens while seated on the sand under the air structure without fear of getting sunburns.

Lido Beach Resort Tiki Bar

This features different varieties of drink menu such as tropical cocktails not forgetting mojitos that are available in distinct flavours like watermelon, mango and raspberry. To those who could be unfortunate not to visit Lido beach resort, Tiki bar is there to give you a fine classy treatment to enjoy. Tiki bar which serves different appetizers, salads and sandwiches to mimic the beach front setting is located just a few metres on a white stretch of sand near lido key.

Lido Key Tiki Bar

Lido key Tiki bar is located at the rear end of members-only Ritz beach club which has been operational since 2001. This bar is a stronghold of Old Florida and is found in between condo towers and a hotel. It is mostly frequented by locals since time memorial and serves wine and mixed drinks as well as beer in a rural environment. Since it lacks a parking lot, you can only access by walking or via a boat.

O’Leary’s Tiki Bar Grill

This is located along the shoreline of Sarasota bay and within a short distance from downtown’s arts and entertainment district. If you want to enjoy breakfast, lunch , dinner, frozen drinks as well as burgers, then this is the ultimate beach restaurant. Recurrently, you will find guys and girls who perform your favourite beach songs.

Rod and Reel Pier Restaurant

For the last six decades, for those who have been lucky to visit this restaurant, you must have observed tarpon, a number of dolphins, sea turtles and manatees while having a cool, breeze at this bar’s downstairs. Ice cold beers, vistas including the sunshine skyway bridge, and sea foods like the mouth-watering grouper Reuben sandwiches are common food menu items. Located near Longshore Lake in Naples, Florida, the bar is just minutes from downtown and other shopping areas as well.

The Sandbar Restaurant

This is a subdivision of Chile’s Restaurant group that consists of Mar Vista Dockside on Longboat key and BeachHouse. It has a variety of indoor tables that provide spectacular waterfront views located on the right of the sand beach and a flower banquet section hidden under the beach trees. If you are in need of beverages, you simply walk into the restaurant’s crop to cocktail drinks section whose libation like jalapeno-juiced margarita and garden fresh bloody mary are made from Chile farms.

Sharky’s On the Pier

In 2013, this beach bar was voted by as the best in the sunshine state. After going to the beach, you can rinse off the sand at sharky’s on the pier and later have fun under a ceiling fan. During this time, you can decide to take mahi-mahi tacos or snow cones filled with liquor while enjoying a nice view of the Mexico Gulf on top of the beach. If you are a fine dining fan, good news is that Venice has recently been expanded.

South Beach Bar and Restaurant

This is located in between two state parks and has parking lot s well as a nice buffer. It offers a wonderful view from the comfort of your seat. It has a wide variety of foods such as grouper Gaspar, seafood strudel, Caribbean limoncelo shrimp appetizer and cioppino. To drinkers, there is south beach bar and amp that serves liquor libations.

The Waterfront Restaurant

This amazing restaurant has outdoor tables that stare at the Gulf of Mexico and Anna Maria city pier. The narrow south bay boulevard separates this restaurant from the nearby beach. It provides a wide field of view which is seen even better when accompanied by sipping craft cocktails and ahi sliders. On the other hand, impressive wine lists and craft beer selection from the waterfront give you an extra pleasure after taking a sunbath.